Friday, 27 August 2010

One hell of a busy month!

Coming November will be a busy month for the Scrapaers CC.
Lots of coffee will flow at the secret hide-outs our club runs, some have to say "no" more often to the spouse in the weekend......but it's all for a good cause!

Because we decided to skip a year with our "famous" Scrapers Indoor Nostalgia Show, we have more time to enjoy other peoples parties. So these months we work our asses of to get the projects on the road.

No other time there were so much projects almost ready! No wonder some members are getting nervous, waiting for those long awaited parts, which new tires to choose, or maybe the most luxorious question of all: shall i take the car, the motorcycle, or can i load the motorcyle in my mate's pick-em-up?

Not forgetting some members have kustom related bussinesses too, wich they display on or around our club stand. So come check out El Cheapo's crazy pinstripe art, Angelo's clothing stand and lets not forget Tristan's KARS, who has build Direct's Spike car to name only one........

At shows we always want to show people what we're about, and sometimes that brings logistic problems. Because we like to party it's not unusual to find a freshly painted fridge (in the same color as your car!) in the back of your trunk or bed!

But when everything works out good it's time to leave those shady garage's, older people say the government used them for UFO research.......

I hope we get everything on the road before November, with three shows in one month (Bigtwin- Rosmalen, Brussel Tattoo and Rockin Jalopy- Rosmalen) it will be busy but satisfying!

So if you're around come stop by!