Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chosing Names..........

Last week i tried (and succeded) to sign in at myrideisme.com.......
One of the questions asked was if my car has a name. Ermmmmm well, I played with the idea of calling my pick-em-up "The Blue Stilton UFO".
For sure because it is in yer face blue, and because UFO's and the whole alien thing always interests me.

The previous color was something between purple and aubergine, and the catchy name it had was "The Purple Helmet". This name always was good for some smiles, I asume it meens the same in english!

But for now i am stuck with "The Blue Stilton UFO", i still have an Royal Dutch Army Gun Chest in our Scrapers CC Garage. My wife took it with her when she came back from Afghanistan. It will recieve gold leafed lettering soon, and maybe a little UFO on it!

But what triggered me to post this message today was a discusion on a site I saw this weekend. It was also about funny names and slogans people put on their cars....

What about: "Blowers Are For Hairdressers" or "Rather getting Blown than Injected" ?!

Ofcourse those dragracers are always good for some silly names......so I dare you to post some! As mentioned before we have some busy show times ahead with the Scrapers CC and i'll keep my eyes open for some good names and hilarious slogans!

If you found some some examples feel free to post or mail them and in the future I'll post some more...........always good for a laugh!!!!

Happy wrenching!!!!!!!

For you who didn't recognized the show rod, it's the Uncertain-T built by Steve Scott....

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