Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stuff and parts for sale

Everybody involved in this hobby has spare parts, or other stuf piling out of his garage. My cabinet in the corner of our Scrapers CC garage in Delft hides some things that are gathering dust.....

And because all dreams cost money they are for sale. I will add other parts after my next visit to our garage (hopefully by then i can install my new wheels!).
A scoop for you: Scraper member Willem is selling his '56 Buick kustom to finance his Caddy and Dodge Brothers project.
As sooon as he has some pictures he likes i will make a whole new post with his specifications added.

But for now, i you see something of your interest, feel free to add a comment (with mailing adres) and i will contact you! I'll place the parts in the little pictures row at the right...

Happy Wrenching!

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