Monday, 27 September 2010

Ward and Jeff's Garage, Paso Ravles, Belgiums own Kennedy Brothers?

This weekend Dennis and I visited the garage of our fellow Scraper member Ward.
In Turnhout, Belgium he owns a garage with his brother Jeff.....that's why we sometimes speak of the Kennedy brothers!
Their garage is wall to wall carpented with hard to find parts (we know who has all the Edmunds parts!), engines, axles and gauges.

They both drive a great patina'd rod, Jeff has a worn blue '32 3W coupe and Ward drives his '31 roadster. Both have projects too....

No bodywork and shiny paint here boys, their philosophy is simple: when the ride is well-build and 100% functional, it's ready to go.
That's why their cars still have their original patina, romance and character.....stunning to see!

Next summer the coupe and roadster will join the Scrapers Scandinavia Extravaganza Tour.......they will undoubtly be responsable for a lot of twisted necks......but for now you can drool over these pictures.....

FTFK Bro's!!!!


  1. What a cool garage!
    Do these guys have a blog, site, mail, etc. ?

  2. Nope, but when the new Scrapers website is on air I hope they show more, or when I come around again......