Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Willem's Dodge Brothers project.

Between helping out other members Willem is working on his '47 Dodge project. Willem drive's an awesome Buick full kustom, his flat black Caddy or when the sun is out his Harley.....so why the hell does he need an other ride?
Well he has bought the Dodge for his girlfriend from fellow Scraper member Ward and it will become a convertible. You never know with this Dutch weather!

The Dodge is originally a four-door hardtop converted to a two- door, all trim removed and lowered and the headlights are shaved. The latest thing he did was installing a '48 Buick dash.

Looking forward what modifications he has in mind.....

In the back you can spot Jerry's Vicky ( we all hope he can finish it this winter!).....be aware you take a shit before he starts that engine otherwise it will be sliding down your socks.......will try to get that movie online.......

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