Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Dropping the Riv' - Friday Freaknight

Sometimes things just don't always go as planned, and so it can happen that you have to seriously have to count the beers in the garage (and divide them by 3) to see if you're able to drive..... Oh yes, that was while lowering Dennis' Riv.

Although the youngest member, he puts the most miles on his ride that he has prepped for paint ( and lots of other things to keep it running) by himself. Because he joined us to meetings since he was 13, we somtimes forget his age, and that makes some of us feel like dinosaurs! But he's a great laugh, and good to have around.
So this friday night it was time to lower his Riv, the beer came in, and then work slowly stopped....... But we started again early saturday morning with a fresh mind and a fresh beer! That's were Scrapers are known for!
The result is a great stance (yes it's straight ;-) )


  1. It was a HELL of a night!! next weekend the same!!!!!
    Lot's of beers and kustomizing!!