Monday, 18 October 2010

Mattias´ pick-up

The first time I went with the Scrapers CC to the A-Bombers weekend in Sweden I saw this great pick-up. It belonged to Mattias of the Jokers CC.
At that time i just bought my Chevy p.u and was getting crazy of the ideas this pick-up brought me. A year later Mattias was again at the show and I immediatly began searching for the p.u, and now it was green.......with fluffy interiour!
I was in I knew for sure, pick-ups make the coolest kustoms for me.
Only things changed and for some reason Mattias sold his p.u. and it now drives the Norwegian roads. The reason I write all this is because I recently asked Mattias what happened to the p.u and if it was true he sold it. He now sometimes misses his old p.u and to compensate that I promissed I will post some pictures of it.
Besides he can built great pick-ups, Mattias is also a great metal worker, check
Mattias, we'll see you at the Bigtwin Show this november!

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