Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ye oldie pick-up pictures

Woah! I finally got the oldest pictures of my pick-up.........
In these pictures you can see it still ran LPG, that was poorly installed and was soon taken out. Gas is for cooking! It is still unchopped and shaved, we mostly took it apart, cleaned everything and when is was checked and working we put it in primer. It took weeks to get evererything clean, the first sweep I got 3 or 4 bags of dirt and sand from the cabine and from between the chassis rails....we also found an occasional squirrel nut ( something we found a lot of in Jerry's Ford!)

The pick-up ran good when i bought it, but soon after making trips it was obvious some things were'nt working as they should. So we began working all the bugs out, and new ones occured when something was replaced.
But hey it brought me from Holland to Sweden (A-Bombers) to Geneva(Cheaters) and back in two weeks!

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