Monday, 22 November 2010

Rocking Jalopy Motorama

The last show of the november tour: Rocking Jalopy Motorama..... Despite of closing the doors of the hall 2 hours earlier (so some of us couldn't put their cars inside on friday)and organising an after party that shuts down at twelve, we had a good time. At least you could hear each other at a party and understand each other because you had no time getting drunk! A little hint for the organisers: get a bit involved in the people who make YOUR show, the people who work hard to get their cars and bike ready on time for YOUR show, who spend their hard earned money at YOUR show.......

But enough of that, this years show had some cool cars and some very nice bikes!

It was nice to see the Trashers again, and all you lone wolves who drive to every show, we'll see you again next summer!

I tried to find the owner of this slammed Panel Van, I spoke him once in The Hague.... If you read this please reply, it's about your suicide doors...... Great car!

Scrapers CC display, maybe a bit smaller then gotta know we travelled the whole month....

Von Skip's new '37 Ford p-u, fresh on the road after selling his "Coupe the Cab". Maybe Holland's next Gene Winfield inspired shop truck?

Hans of the Trashers tasty colored p-u, finally after 5 years of building it's on the road, last time I saw the neat p-u it was red. But I really like the new colors.

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