Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Chuck Porters shop truck

This 1949 Ford F-1 Pickup Truck was built by body man Chuck Porter of Chuck Porter's Body Shop in Hollywood, California. Chuck chopped the truck 5 inches and Sectioned it another 5 inches before he channeled it down over the frame. The frame was also C'd and the rear springs relocated on the side rails to account for another 7 inches. The total height of the truck had decreased by a total of 22 inches. It was decided to be easier to make both the section and channel cuts at the same time, so the full ten inches were taken out of the firewall, and the same amount off the rear of the cab. As a result of this, only five inches had to be sectioned out of the door, since the other five inch difference extends down over the frame. In order to compensate for the alterations in the cab, Chuck also had to section the hood 5 inches. On top of the hood Chuck placed a nine-inch wide hood scoop and a total of 90 louvers were also stamped into the hood.


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