Wednesday, 15 December 2010

In need for better steering?

While visiting shows with the Scrapers CC, we meet a lot people. Sometimes we talk about modifications done on our cars, and some times how to fix troubles or how to make your car handle better.

For example: when somebody finds that his p-u is steering heavy, almost in all cases people are talking about swapping front ends with powersteering............
Why?! If you have some traditional sense, and imagination, you can solve the problem different to.

Old Chevy steering boxes can only handle force at one point: turning left or right. All the other movements cause stress on the ball bearings and cups inside, causing them to wear and snap, that will make your p-u steer heavy before the steering box breaks down.
I've had it two times, and then it was time to think about getting it right!

So I bought a Ford steering box that was adjustable, and easy to get new grease in. The second thing I bought was a Chrysler knee joint. I was lucky a friend made new brackets to get the steering box in the right place. Then it was time to figure out the right length for the pitman arm (part Ford-part Chevy). I bolted everything together and headed out for a test drive. I have to mention that I installed a dropped axle to and cut down some leafs........

The result is a pick-em-up that handles and steers like a knife, tracks good on the highway and doesn't wobble.

So without using an ugly new front clip ( and getting an even uglier new steering column in your cabin!) and some imagination, you can improve your trucks handling and still looks good/ traditional!

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