Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Inspiration for those cold long winter days.......

Jep, if you have the place to work on in these cold days, this is the time to start a project on your car. But be prepared, those jobs you can do easy on your drive way `in just one weekend´ almost don´t exist.......but I hope you already knew that.
Websites like Custom Classic Trucks, the H.A.M.B and even you-tube have examples of various chops. When we chopped my Chevy it was the first chop Willem and I did, we gathered lots of pictures and books. Drew all the lines on the p-u before we started cutting everything up.
If you read books before start chopping, ALL the tips in there, how small they seem are there because they are usefull.......
Don´t be hasty, think before you do something and then it´s lots of fun!
Good Luck!

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