Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dave Pareso´s ´57 Studebaker P.U

Original made in the late 1950´s at Dicks Auto Body in Fort collins, Colorado. And was featured in lots of magazines. The top is chopped 4.5 inches and the A-pillars are slanted, that means you have to lean the windows on the doors to, and for the roof you have to work the cowl. So when somebody says this is easier than palcing a large strip in the middle of the roof (so you don't have to lean the A-pillars)......don't believe him!
The hood corners are rounded, the body is shaved and what you don't see often, the front fenders are moved forward 21.5 inches!

Chrysler donated the lights, and a Chevy Nomad had to hand over its doorskin for the tailgate.

After some hand over take overs in its life the Stude came into the hands of Dave Pareso, owner of Backstreet Customs. He restored the wild looking p.u and uses it as much as he can, its no trailer queen!

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