Monday, 25 April 2011

Ready for Summertime

The former owner made a mistake when he worked on the rear leaf springs: he mounted them back, but in reverse..... so the wheels were not in the middle of the openings. We turned everything around again and put in some new coppers bushings. Thanks Peter for helping out with that! The only problem we than had was that the drive shaft was to short, so it was lengthened and the shock absorbers were relocated.......

New wheel and tires are mounted, a floor shifter came and the rear leaf springs were updated and lowered a little bit. The shackles were a bit worn out, so i mounted smaller ones. Because of time the planned trip to the spray booth is cancelled, hope to get there before Bottrop! Thanks Jerry for helping with the wheels and Bow& Wim for helping and testing the Floorshifter!

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