Monday, 9 August 2010

Dead end Magazine Cruise Night

Great video from Dead end Magazine! Check their blog......

Check how traditonal styled (kustom) pick-ups flows over in lowrider style.
Outboard aico's and fender skirts go hand in hand with flat body colors and appletons.........or are those appletons an item everybody uses?

Rod and Custom opted in their latest issue if candies and lace paint are the new flat black?! That will bring styles even closer, but there will always be an flat color crowd aint it?
But as always it's good to try something new before you decide if it's really the new look for your ride you're after.

It will take a while before we see home made wild panel jobs and lace paint here in Holland. Maybe that's just somthing of a Dutch spirit not to jump straight on to something what's dubbed as a new "trend"........

Our agenda sports some nice shows this fall, we'll see who was busy this year!