Friday, 13 August 2010

Starlite Kustoms Truck

Starlite´s Kustom Truck.......

If I have ever seen a truck that first raised eyebrows it must have been this baby!
Saw it in the Viva Las Vegas coverage, static as a picture and the first I noticed was the Carson top. And the Buick headlights, because my bro Duncan crafted them on his p.u last fall.

Nevertheless the truck was creeping through my mind, because somewhere in the future I want to build a roadster p.u. Finally I found more about the truck on the internet, and saw the youtube movies. Happy me, I finally saw everything, and by everything I mean al those mods on the truck!

Dammned! Lots of work must have gone in that truck, Corvette dash, the bed is totally rebuild and what about that interiour?

You'll need to see the video at least 2 times to discover al the little details. What about that airplain style shifter, frenched antenna, suicide doors, padded side steps and painted appletons?

Get youself inspired, and enjoy the great music from Marlena Shaw......